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H&R Block Basic 2015 - 2016


Is H&R Block Basic the right choice for you?

H&R Block Basic is a great choice for returning users that want to be able to import the previous years data for speed and accuracy. It searches for credits and deductions to lower your tax bill and, it provides tax-saving tips to help you get the biggest refund possible. H&R Block Basic double checks all your entries as you progress to help make sure your return is accurately prepared.

H&R Block Online Tax PreparationIt's the easiest way to prepare your income tax return without hassles and complications.

The first time I purchased the H&R Block Basic Software edition, I thought about it for a while before the purchase since I just didn't believe that I would really be able to do my own taxes. To my surprise I found that today's tax software really does make tax return filing a simple process for anyone, regardless of tax or math skills.

Selecting the edition that will be the best fit for your filing situation is the first step. The Basic Edition is designed for simple returns that require basic forms like 1040 - 1040ez.

Supported Computer Platforms

H&R Block Basic - Mac & Windows

Works with most operating systems.


HR Block Basic OnlineUse Online: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X


H&R Block Basic 2015 Software

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H&R Block Basic Features

>> H&R Block Online Tax Preparation Software Editions - Comparison Chart

The Basic Software Edition includes everything in the Free Edition, along with additional Basic Features for importing data and additional support.

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You Should Use H&R Block Basic 2015 - 2016  if you:

  • H&R Block Software Comparison Chartrent your home or apartment

  • own your home and don't have a mortgage

  • file a 1040EZ or other simple tax return

A big tax refund is what you want right? After all, Uncle Sam isn't typically making sound financial decisions for our interest is he? For a lot of common tax returns, this basic edition is all you'll really need to complete your tax filing process, and to ensure you receive all the deductions you can.

The H&R Block Basic Edition includes superior on-screen guidance that gives you access to technical support and H&R Block's tips and tricks knowledgebase. H&R Block's technical support is very highly rated throughout the tax software consumer ratings everywhere. It took me less that an hour to complete my return the first time I used it, and it did all of the math for me. It made my tax preparation task so quick and simple, that I had to write about it.

H&R Block Tax Preparation Software

The multiple sources of easy to use guidance and help kept me moving along at a fast pace. It seems no matter where I was in the process, there's always plenty of support to help if I didn't understand, or needed more information. They have truly used all their tax professional experiences to insure they cover all the issues that can come up. Give it a try, it will work well for you too..


The way it packages up sections of the interview process helps to keep you moving in the right direction quickly as it eliminates sections that just don't apply. I hate wading through questions that aren't relevant based on my filing needs.



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